Histoire des associations astrologiques dans le monde


Dans cette rubrique, nous ferons l’histoire des associations astrologiques dans le monde, y compris bien sûr en France.

Nous commencerons par une association qui a joué un certain rôle en France en tenant son second congrès européen à Paris, en septembre 1974.  A la suite de ce Congrés, Jean-Pierre Nicola avait été choisi comme  responsable de la recherche pour l’ISAR.

En novembre 2004, la fondatrice de l’ISAR; Julienne Mullette  alors connue sous le nom de Julienne Sturrm, est venue à notre  Colloque “L’astrologie et le monde”.

En avril 2005, Ray Merriman, le président actuel de l’ISAR  est intervenu lors du Congrés SEP Hermés “La créativité de l’Astrologie” et il est question d’organiser un troisième Congrès ISAR en Europe en 2007, pour renouer avec une certaine tradition.


ISAR : International Society for astrological Research


Un communiqué de Julienne Mullette-Sturm


        “ISAR was formed as an international organization, with a truly international Board of Directors. In 1977 it seemed to consolidate in California, and became an American organization - international pretty much only in name. It is run now mainly as an American organization - exactly what the founders, un 1968, did not want. It was once a very idealistic organization, with conferences worldwide. It is now, under Ray Merriman, very concerned with financial profits instead of any visionary transformation of the astrological community. I stepped down as president because I thought we needed some new blood, but the people who took over have rotated themselves in the Board of Directors ever since. They disassociate themselves from the organization to which they owe their identity, which is both very ungrateful, and quite dishonourable, I think. They don't give any credit at all to those who created the international community of astrologers under the ISAR aegis. I am immensely disappointed at the level of astrology now sponsored by ISAR. The current leaders are very conservative, and interested more in maintenance than in growth and evolution.

        They are, by the way, convinced that I did not found ISAR alone, and are still trying to find out who the other astrologers were at the beginning. They like to begin ISAR's history in 1977, when they reincorporated. Basically, they just stole the name, and have now renamed the magazine, KOSMOS. They have never continued the international cooperation, such as we had with the international conferences in Paris, Germany, India, Canada, and nor have they continued the immense cooperation of the early days with so many other professionals, such as the many physicists, psychologists, etc. They didn't continue the other publications, either. Ray Merriman was not involved in ISAR' first 9 years, so he doesn't even know what the history was. I have tried to show him, but he basically doesn't want to know because his philosophy is so utterly different. They also stopped the many local conferences ISAR used to have, such as the monthly ones we had in New York City. ISAR has more members now, and more money, but little influence or power of inspiration”.

       En lisant ces lignes, on a l’impression de décrire la situation en France. Nombreux sont ceux qui semblent psychiquement incapables de reconnaître ce qu’ils doivent à leurs prédécesseurs.